Monday, 28 June 2010

New bag colour what do you think?

Here is a new colour combination, hope you like it , I sold this colour like hot cakes at the weekend, I have decided that for once I am going to enjoy using my artistic licence too design lots of different combinations so keep looking!!

and the inside...

Here are all the current outer bag colours I am selling this by the metre at £12 and here are the colours. the aqua colour doesn't photograph well its a lovely colour and I make this with a fabric lining of scotty dogs , will post a picture very soon.

I made purses for the Fete that clip on and sold them all so will make some more and post these too, the larger 2 colour make up bags have been made to order but think I need to stock some as well, I have 2 more fairs Styal Primary next Sat and possibly The Wilmslow Show.

I have to admit something......I dont craft in a nice neat operation craft room is a disaster, I cant see the floor but I will resume once these fair are finished.
Thanks so much for reading

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Terrible Blogger

I am a terrible blogger, I know, but I have so busy making bags, lavender hearts and pin cushions for a local Fete today, I had a great time my bags were really well recieved and I looks like I will be stocking a fab local shop I will post the info when I know more...How exciting!!

On a good note I sold most of the bags I made on a bad note I didnt get chance to photograph all the colours so I will make some more very quickly and post the pics, I have some of the colours in my gallery on the right hand side but will update soon.

Thanks for everyone for the lovely positive comment, for all the purchases and for all the orders!! I really shouldnt be watching Lewis I should be sewing but need a break.
I will be at the Styal Primary school fair on Saturday next week and may be at the Wilmslow show if there are any tables left.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 3 June 2010

A break from operation craft room!

I NEEEEEED to have a break from the art of organisation, its quite clear I a rubbish at it, I stress about it, dream about it and I go 5 steps forward and 10 have not given up but I need a creative fix, I have a table at a summer fete at the end of this month so I need to get creating, I have loads of bags to make I have sold loads this week and have some ordered to finish and also exported some of the oilcloth to Italy!! wow get me!
So here is the first little project of the week.....
my little pin cushions with heart pins.

while I was on a roll I made some very very sweet smelling French lavender hearts too, I have made about 15 and they have all gone to new homes (as well as mine) they help calm the girls (I will try anything!!!!) and I love to put them on all my door knobs.

A little close up

I know I promised hints and tips on organising but I need to CREATE!
While writing this my hubby gave some great advise on sorting out my room I am sure this will make up for my creative break.......
CHUCK IT ALL OUT!!!!! Sooooooo supportive, well I wont have to worry about him soon as he will be engrossed in the footy.
By the way I made a load of cards today and some make up bags which have all sold already!
I will post some more piccies tomorrow

FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE Anyone needing curtain fabrics let me know