Thursday, 31 March 2011


I love fabric, I love the look of it, the smell of it , I love to create things out of it......some may say I am obsessed and they would be right!
One of my favourite designers is Heather Bailey and I am blessed to be included in one of her blog hops this month!!
We are sharing our favourite usedful tools.
If you go to her site
I cant seem to link it for some reason so google it...

Click on :
March of the Tools

There is a list of who has been playing this month!

This one of my millions of tools.....
Is it a telephone?
No!! I attach it by suction to my rulers, set squares etc there is nothing worse the trying to pick up your rulers from a flat table (ruins the nails....)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Just wanted to share...

Lady C my youngest , if you read my blog you will know the ups and down we have.....

This morning in the car she had a big smile on her face, I said "why are you so happy today?"
She replied
"I am always happy now I have a mummy like you..."

How amazing is that!!
Just wanted to share.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Craft Fair

I have been so busy over the last few weeks sewing ready for a craft fair last Saturday, I was asked to have stand in a barn, I expected lots of hay and a nice fresh country my surprise it had a swimming pool on the ground floor (and a very posh one too..) and upstairs a massive room with toilets and chandeliers!!

I took lady 'K' who's is my best helper, we carried everything up the winding stairs, here is a pic of the table.

and a close up...

what do you think of my little tooth fairy pillows? they have a little embroidered linen pocket so you can leave your tooth in the pocket and if you are good they should be a coin left by the tooth fairy!! OK for £5.50!

Kat is obsessed with chocolate, maybe because here early years consisted of chocolate chocolate and not much else but that's another story... can you imagine her face when this arrived? she was in a trance.....truthfully....I have never seen her like that! a lot of my profit went on this..

What I love about craft fairs is all the other stallholders, hearing their stories, their successes(and failures), I always come away motivated and with few new craft friends. Beverley lives locally and had the most amazing personalised children swear, we found it hard to stop nattering the whole time, she has 2 donkeys,chickens and (in her words) an untidy crafters house! She has invited me and the girls to visit in the holidays, I cant wait!

A good day was had by all.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Thoughtful thoughts...

In light of the news today about Elizabeth Taylor who died today at 79 years of age, I can't stop thinking about my little mum, she will be 81 this year and I feel so lucky to have her.
She popped round today in her car with no power steering....had a few cuppas and a piece of cake and a natter..

Mum is a very Young 81 year old but things keep going wrong for her, she has battled a lot of sickness over the last 10 years but she keeps bouncing back.

She loves
She has 3 cigarettes a day (which I tell her off for.....)

she is very very special,you see I lost my Dad in 1984 very suddenly, he was always ill but this was very unexpected and very sudden, I miss him like mad, every this makes my mum EXTRA special.

Its sad because we are not cuddly, we don't say the 'L' word but its doesn't matter because we know its there without being said or done, maybe that's why I cuddle my girls to bits....

here she is on her 80th Birthday ,
thanks for reading ..

Friday, 18 March 2011

Canvas and Thread Workshop

Here is and extract from Kirsty Wiseman's blog let me know what you think!!!

Canvas and Thread
Also, I'm trying to gauge interest for a one day even up here, in Ashton (J23 M6). Sunday 22nd May, 10am-6pm for a canvas class (sneak coming soon) taught by myself, a beautiful sewing/fabric class (sneak coming soon) - taught by Jane Egan-Cresswell plus an altered project. Not strictly scrapbooking but a day full of technique..... emphasis on technique. Oh and how could I forget the beverages, cakes, cakes and cakes with a lush buffet lunch and home made soup and cake. With cake. And cake. The price will be between £60 and £65 ... dependant on numbers. If I can just gather interest now, I can book the hall with confidence otherwise Ill be sat in there on my own eating all that cake! You can pay in instalments to make it easier on that craft crazy purse (that takes a hammering cuz I should know, mine has moths in it most of the time ;)). Leave your name in my comments if you would like to attend such a day or email me at

hope you can come let me know what you think!

Monday, 14 March 2011

No Glue Mini Surprise Box

I love mini books, boxes, anything 3D. I don't consider myself as a scrapbooker, if I am going to capture moments it will be in a mini book or box , I have even captured a family holiday in a flip flop book! yes actually made from a flip flop...

This is a no glue box made with some clever folding a couple of cuts and it done!

That lush stripy ribbon....cant get enough if it.

Inside a very simple folded album.

Hope you like it.You can order any of the products used through me, just e-mail me on

Saturday, 5 March 2011

spotty dotty bags!

Thanks so much for the interest in my spotty bags at training.
I can make whatever colour you like from the following colours but you can pop onto for actual bag cols.

The only thing I am out of stock of at the moment is red cotton webbing for the straps.
The bags are £29 each plus £3.50 postage (UK) and the macthing clip on purses are £6 I have a few old style purses left in a few cols which are £5.
The bag lining cols vary e-mail me for details , I will put some images on soon.

You can pay
Thanks so much

Friday, 4 March 2011

Leeds Leeds Leeds!!

Getting excited now, Im off to Leeds in the morning to our Stampin Up regional training day. It great to be with 70 like minded people.
It is tradition to make swaps to take with you, I decided to make 60, I love this part of the day as we come back with lots of other peoples swaps, have a great day of crafting business training, chatting and generally escaping from everyday life!

I have just had to re-glued 30 of my 52 swaps....I made 60 but found 8 empty wrappers in Lady 'c''s bedroom!! and no she isnt a toddler shes 8 1/2!!!!

it has a little chocky inside, the orange ones have an orange chocky and the blue have a silver chocky!

Also made a couple of dog beds, think they like them.....

been a busy girl!

will let you know all about it ..

Thursday, 3 March 2011

And the Winner is......

The girls are at school so I thought I would get 'Boots' the kitten to do the honours!!
she likes to run after screwed up paper and bring it to you, I didn't capture the actual moment but this is her nearly in action....not so much of a kitten any more..

The winner is Mandy and I think she is in America , Mandy can you e-mail me your address?

Hope you like it.

The next giveaway will be a new creation of some kind not sure what yet!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sometimes I forget...

I like to think of myself as a 'proper' mum, in fact I AM a 'proper' mum!!
Somestimes I forget what Im dealing with...what can bring back a memory...a simple comment..."you are in so much trouble for dong that".....

I didnt know, after saying this ,Lady 'C' trembled in her bed for an hour waiting....just waiting for her punishment...How was I to know? I would NEVER hurt her but even after 4 whole years she thought I was going to...

How do I feel?
You cant imagine.....