Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hi there,
so much has happened good and bad its been a challenging few months. I have learnt a few lessons, maybe the hard way but I think I'm wiser for it...
I am learning to not let people upset me, not take things to heart too much and to not expect too much.
People will judge you, there is nothing you can do about that, you cant stop it, I need to be confident on who I am and proud of what I have achieved.
I cant predict the future but I am going to put myself out there and have fun.
this isnt a new pic but I love it, these are the people who keep me going...

A snippet of some work..This is so bright because its a and cheerful, did the trick..

My interior design business has been running for 12 months, cant believe it, I'm loving it, we have some great clients and I am lucky to be installing at a Villa in Portugal at the beginning of March and this is the hotel the client has booked for us to stay in, she has also booked up a massage for all the hard work! 
Bit posh for me but I will manage.....

I have also join another amazing company, I couldn't resist called Scentsy....they have the most amazing wickless burners, no more dog smells for me.
I will be posing pics soon and click on the like above if you would like to have a look or place and order or even join my team!

More infor coming and of course lots of papercrafting, If I didnt do that I would go mad, its my de stress, I am running bag classes and already have 2 full, I will post the info very soon, they are very small classes initially of 4 people , I will be doing morning or afternoon sessions from my home in Wilmslow, message me if you would like information.My  studio has had to have a little re style but although very cold it is nearly finished.
I thought you would like to see a picture of what it used to look like before it was really mine..

more creative stuff on the way!