About Me

Here is a little about me...
I live in Cheshire in England and am mummy to Lady K , Lady C and not forgetting Harvey and Nix (my scrummy dogs), Boots the cat plus Bubble and Squeak the Peruvian Guinea pigs.
I have been married to Stuart for 15 years this year who I have known FOREVER.

I have always been creative, and knew from a very early age I wanted to go to Fashion School which I did for 4 years.
I have designed football kits, childrenswear, mens and ladieswear and moved on to become a buyer for lots of different chainstores travelling to Europe , Middle East and the Far East.
With a young family we decided I should be based more in the UK so I moved into Interior Design where I could still be creative and still get my fabric fix but I have never stopped sewing crafty bits and bobs......it's addictive!

I have always been an obsessive student, love to learn something new and share what I have learnt.My lightbulb moment came recently when my friend Sarah opened a cookery school. I went to see her amazing space and I said to her " this us fantastic you are so lucky, it would be my dream to open a sewing school!" ..... To which she replied " why don't you then?"...
I went home buzzing, why not... WHY NOT? So I set about my plan, it's taken some time but my studio is pretty much ready, I gave places for 6 people over class, I currently have 5 machines so people can arrive and see if they wish.

I am hold various sewing workshops, bag making is very popular but also have classes in sewing machine covers, cushion making, girls dress making and many more in the pipeline!

I also make spotty bags, totes and purses and have some new exciting new designs on the way.... and make blinds, cushions and more recently quilts....

always busy but happy to be this way..


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