Friday, 26 December 2014

Doggie Update

Nix is a lot better, that's for all your messages. When she escaped they think she has twisted her knee it was quite swollen, sadly together with arthritis she's suffering a little but a few meds then think she will be fine xx

Monday, 15 December 2014

The most amazing rescue dog....

This is Nix she is our amazing rescue dog, when I accidently brought her home without my husband you do....he didn't expect to find a 'fitting' and shaking dog in the kitchen, she fitted every day 4am for weeks and weeks, we decided to try to not medicate and eventually the fits became less and less...,
I forgot to mention they wouldn't let me pay any money for her at the dogs home because they said they may have to put her to sleep......they didn't need to say anything else, she was then ours!

When I bathed the dark brown flea ridden fur the most beautiful dog appeared and although as she had been so badly treated she couldn't look us in the eye as she was full of fear , you can help but love this little girl......

she was around 18 months when we brought her home, she hasn't had a fit for years and is very very special and is now 14.
Nix loves to run around and her big non malignant tumours don't stop hear leaping around and bolting out of the door at any opportunity, today was that day....the day when a disapproving neighbour knocks on the door to say she needs a tag you know!!!! red faced I took the very muddy girl back into the house and after a treat she was fine but suddenly, hours later she had begun to limp, very badly, she cant get on the sofa without help and seems very in the 'wars'....I hate going to the vet, after my other dog Harvey's problems I just don't want to know....(will save that for another post..
I hope you will wish me luck I think a visit is in order...LOVE THIS DOG!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Fabric Organising

Tues Wednesday OK Thursday, I got there in the end, if you know what I've been doing I hope you would sympathise......
 Many years ago I had a bad car accident, we were hit at 60 miles per hour from behind and we were stationary. At the time the £3,000 felt like a lottery win but I still have terrible problems with my back, the pain I can't explain and the spasms...WOW, I was stretchered and confined to my room for a week on honeymoon, I've had spells in hospital but after a bad episode I recover really quickly so they won't operate....this time Its gone on for weeks...on and off on and off....which is why I am more and more certain that my home studio us a good idea. I have started getting things organised, it's not been as quick as I would have liked but I need to know my limitations and not overdo it Here is a sneak peak of my new fabric stash boards. I had theses made in clear plastic to tidy by fabric mountain, I hope you like my late but perfectly formed tip...

Friday, 21 November 2014

Sewing Studio

I am loving my new Studio and am so lucky to have such a great space, my room has been spilling over into the house for a long time which is why I had to make such big changes, I have a few boxes of had my fabby joiner Barney helping me out today and I finally feel I'm close to the finishing line.

I hope to share some pictures soon but for now I'm off with my paintbrush to do a few bits and bobs....
Here is a great pic showing how I used to live....

Happy Friday and wish me luck!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Top sewing tip today!

Completely lost track!
Top Tip Tuesday......on Wednesday is.....
Everyone should do this.....any most people do know this but do you ALWAYS do it?
My Dad taught me this and I try to remember this always....if I forget there usually is a problem
Hope you like it!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Tee Hee......


Please bear with me , my workshop booking shop will be working soon I hope....and no I'm not selling fruit and veg!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


New venture new look blog!

To accommodate my sewing obsession I decided to update my blog, I hope you like it as much as I do. Ive so much happening at the moment, new sewing studio, new venture, lots in the pipe line....
Watch this space!
In the meantime.....
Top sewing tip for today...
when pre shrinking fabric prior to sewing, draw a 4" square on a section of the fabric with permenant ink then when you have washed it, measure the square, if it remains the same size then you should be OK without preshrinking that fabric type next time!. If the 4" square measures smaller then you will need to preshrink every time.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Sewing workshop idea

Here is an idea for another sewing workshop,I think this will need to be a full day but it will include the pin cushion too!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

October 2014 Sewing workshop samples!

Hi folks,
I'm excited to share with you my first sample for one of my new Cheshire based workshops, I have sewn for as long as I can remember, this is my true passion.

I would love your feedback.

Monday, 8 September 2014

New beginnings.....

Well its been a long time ....again!
 I'm not really sure where the time has gone but I have to admit to being the worse excuses apart from life got in the way.
I think its time for a new venture, I'm still loving my Interior Design but Ive decided to follow a little dream of mine, I have a couple of great venues, a ton of project this space for more details.


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Im Back!!!!!!!!!

Hi Folks,
been a crazy few months, very little crafting, sadly, I been renovation my mums apartment from a scruffy messy shell into a lovely 1 bed  luxury ;) apartment. Mum lived with us for 6 months while we completed on the sale....(nightmare seller) I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!
New kitchen, bathroom, lounge, fireplace, bedroom and hallway.Although she was on hand to choose lots of bit and bobs I decided to do it in true 'changing rooms' stylee.....
I wanted the kettle on, clothes in the wardrobe, food in the fridge and all her bits and bobs around the house ready for the big reveal. On the big day mum walked-in and cried, it was so emotional 6 months of proper stress and at 84 that's not easy, she was rushed into hospital by ambulance just before Christmas with  suspected stroke but think it was the stress...just too much for her, but back to the special day, she said it was amazing she was so shocked and so happy and so relieved and so at home everything I could have ever wanted ...just perfect.
so I need to get back in the crafty saddle starting with Stampin Up Peterborough training this Sunday, off now to find my crafty mojo...sure its around here somewhere?

Monday, 20 January 2014

Shocked........could things we looking up for Lady C?

I'm in a state of shock...
Some may know what a difficult time we have had getting support for Lady C, Its been a real struggle but we now have 'Statement of special education
needs' this has taken nearly 7 years and is very overdue but we choose to look forward and know this will help her through difficult times ahead.

Today things got even better, we decided to apply for a DLA to help with lady C's ongoing therapy, we didn't expect much but I received a text to say it will take up to 8 weeks for the decision to be made so I wasn't hopeful, that was 3 days ago and today I had another text to say its been approved! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you have had so many doors slammed in your face and many let downs and so much lack of support you think that's it...this is it for me...
What feels so good is that people seem to understand what we are going through...this is not just a naughty child who get cross, and who get out of control this is a child who needs help and she needs it now..

Whoever you are I thank you, and as I always used to say to my Sis ..I thank you INFINITIVE RECURRING.....+1

Monday, 6 January 2014

I feel a freebie coming on.....I will not be swayed on my new year mood!

When life throws you a curved ball I find it hard to carry on as normal, not worry , not stress.....I working on this...
But life must go on and I want to keep my positive stance for 2014
So I thought it would be good to start with a freebie!

I am giving away a cheery red spotty bag for a Happy New Start to the year!

Anyone fancy it?

will add a pic tomorrow x

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy New year!

Happy 2014!

What a year its been.......not sure where to start but I think I have been through every emotion possible this year.
I have watched my little Lady C have a complete meltdown and at 10 years old not able to manage school, not even for an hour. Home schooling is not my bag but I have tried (and often failed) to step up and do my best. After a very quick change for the better we have moved to a new school , a school that is much bigger, much more equipped and supportive, don't get me wrong its not a 'special needs' school (something we did consider) but a school where she feels safer, cared for and a school where she feels they have not given up on her...sadly that is how she felt for far too long. What is amazing she is now learning, not just getting through the day she is actually learning and on top of that she is loving it! For me my life has changed so much, I am no longer waiting by the phone, waiting for that call. Its important to note that she isn't the day time at school she is ok but its such an effort for her that when she comes home she lets it all out and doesn't managed situations very well so the stress is still a massive strain.
After 6 years of fighting we have also had a Statement of Special Education Needs agreed...what a fight! should it take this long?....
Work has changed massively, in my Interior Design day job I have separated from my Business Partner which was hard at first, like a bereavement we were close friends (or so I thought) I felt very let down to begin with but after I had brushed myself off and taken time to look at my own ability and experience Ive managed to get my confidence back and have been working on some great Interior projects , I hope to share some pictures with you soon.
Stampin up is still a big part of my life without this I would be a crumpled mess on the floor , it is my de stress my ultimate pleasure.
Scentsy is still going strong with orders coming thick and fast over Christmas, and of course my house smells lush!
Lastly my spotty bags are still flying out, I sold out over Christmas my fingers were sore from sewing! I have some new design ideas for this year due to my competition to give me some design ideas in exchange for a bag and the lovely Sue Jackson was the winner of the bag which was a brown spotty bag with teal lining.

My mum who is 84 has moved in with us for a while, she sold her house and is buying an apartment locally so we can look after her more easily.
Sadly she has been ill over Christmas and we had to have a very fast trip in an ambulance, to hospital, Ive never been in a proper  'der der' before! but the good news is is was ok after a few days, she's not very mobile but is getting better slowly, I hope she will be in her new home soon but its taking a long time to get it sorted. I am going to gut it , new bathroom, kitchen, d├ęcor, carpets curtains lighting fire etc....cant wait! I will send you some pics as I get on with it.

So for 2014 I have plans.....lots of plans, lots of changes and I will try not to be a bad judge of character and to be taken for granted...I plan to spend more time with my 'proper' friends , the people who have supported me through this challenging year, a big thank you to you!