Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Operation craft room continues....

Ok I am a terrible blogger!!....sorry I have not updated you on my room but sewing and papercrafts got in the way!! and made more of a mess!

Al the Pink Ladies (our Stampin up Team)did a lovely surprise for Michelle Last our upline, we, all on the same day sent her a handcrafted card each to thank her for all her support guess which one never arrived!!! yes you guessed it!! mine! so disappointed, I thought she had not shown it because it was rubbish bt no...I also forgot to photograph it so I got it on the post on time!never mind the thought was there..
Anyway back to the room,
I had my work table raised with some wooden cubes that fitted underneath that Father-in-law made but I miscalculated and its soooo high it needs to be altered...cant tell him though it took ages and ages,all my fabrics are on rolls and they take up a lot of room as you can see

So when I was meeting my new fabric supplier I had an idea when looking throught their stock in the warehouse..If I could fold all my fabric right side out and lap them on card not only would they take up less space I could see the colours more and visualise my colour combo' are some pics what do you think?

The fabby Chris came round on Friday to get me back on track she is great and getting me motivated just look at my books and shelves!!

I will get there in the end you know, just don't know when the end its....I have a couple of craft fairs coming up soon so I need to get sewing I will post pics of some of my bit and bobs to see what you think.

On a funny note , I have just been away with Hubby and 2 other couples to London for the weekend, it was reall wierd having 2 arms again (not having Lady C holding my arm with 2 hands she cant go anywhere without doing it) what a great time, we laughed and laughed and had a good drink (or 2 ) saw the sights when we could get the men out of the pub here is a picture of a pidgeon eating smarties at the next table and a pi of the men bringing us all flowers but in their mouths Stuart is the one on the right I could not stop giggling it also took the edge off the £3.50 Mr Whippy hubby bought me...£3.50!! thought they were called a 99 for a reason....

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Nothing to do with crafting.....but just as cool

Sorry this is nothing to do with crafting AT ALL but I just wanted to share a little sentimental moment with you if I may!
Here is Lady C and Lady K kindly named this by my Kirsty Wiseman my bud.Kirsty puts up with a lot because Lady C very often is horrid to her she get jealous of anyone I'm close day I hope she will feel settled, they have both lived with us for 3 years, its been hard but more fab than not..
Anyway...As I am feel very very emotional at the moment an in the words of BT 'Its good to talk'.... here is a special poem for anyone else out there who has adopted.


Still makes me cry

flippin love em to bits....
Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Do you know what it is yet?

I cannot tell you how excited I of my special dreams has come true.It may not mean as much to you as it does to me but woooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!! all I can say!
I have not been able to tell anyone in case it didnt happen but Its now official!!
My first sewing /craft design is being published in my fave magazine....
Its going in issue 19 out end of June AND I am working on my next project too
Without giving anything away here is a sneek peak!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I am guilty as charged,I had a deadline and managed to keep it well out of my reach...
Life kind of get in the way doesn't it? I am still trying hard to get things sorted and I think even through it is slow it is working out for the better.

It would be easy to make it look 'nice' but I need more than 'nice' I need a good practical workspace NOT something that looks good but no use.

So, as I a finishing jobs and designing little new products I am planning little areas and here is the latest

This is my ironing station, it is next to my industrial machine and it is on top of a set or drawers that I LOVE, I have all my sewing patterns it it, zips, needles, threads, I only have to wheel a little left on my cow print chair to get to it!
I was lucky to have 2 helpers who insisted on being in the picture..introducing Harvey and Nix LOOOOOOOOOOVE em..
Anyway I use the table of the sewing machine as a little work area too, when I bought it second hand it had an extra wide table, not sure what the previous owner did with it but the table is great
Thought you may want a loot at the top of the ironing table too, this ironing mat is great you can take it anywhere and it protects any surface SUPER DUPER

hope you like
Speak soon

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Did you watch it?? my claim to fame!!!???

I hope you were all glued to Create and Craft on Sat, it was on twice in the day, it was my Mums birthday she was 81!! cant believe it she doesn't look it, she would kill me for telling people...we have actually decided that she is 79 this year we are going backwards...
Create and craft, did you see my little project? We were all screaming at the television!!, I know to some it is a little thing but to me WWWWWWWWWWWOOOWWWWWWW
Ok Ok I will calm down......

Its so nice to get some appreciation, not sure if its an Aquarius thing.

My craft day was so good , so nice, so I am still on a high!

The next really exciting thing I cant tell you yet but I hope that I can spill the beans soon..

So sorry,I did think it would go on a while....I don't disappoint.. I am in there all night tonight, I an designing some storage containers for this space, think they will look good.....
hope you like them, I plan to sell them too!