Friday, 30 July 2010

Do we need the RSPCA???!!!!!

Our poor Kitten, Lady C -7 years old decided it would e really funny to smother herself in lipstick and kiss her...this picture doesnt actually show how bright tecolours is...

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Special Orders!!

I have sewn and sewn and sewn ALL day I have made more spotty bags a make-up bag special request and some little purses, here are a couple of pics more to follow in the morning!
can you see my helper?..

sorry about the rubbish pics, my camera is not too good.

here is the make-up bag

Sleep well

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Why why us?

There are many cats waiting for homes....why did we get the completely bonkers one?
she fell head first into a tub of butter didnt jump out oh no..she ate her way out then landed on my laptop to show me what she had done!
in the picture this is butter not soap!
she has now just had her second bath of her short life and is feeling very very sorry fo herself....

No you have not guessed it yet!!!......close but not yet!!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A little givaway..

Just a it of fun but do you know what it is?
A free spotty lavender heart to one of you that guess right!

I have to make 9 outfits for the school play on Sat Its a little hard with my houseful of pets the goldfish don't give me much trouble but the kitty likes to sit on my knee while I am sewing and anything that goes on the floor is atomically something for the dog to sit on...Lady K is a pink lad in Grease , I am doing the beauty school dropout outfits, I am spraying 90 velcro silver in the morning for the headgear.

Another little special order to go with a bag sent out.

Simple but I do like nice packaging..

Monday, 12 July 2010

Mondays special order

Hi ,
I keep forgetting to photograph my special orders,so before this one goes out I thought I would post a quick picky!
Here is the bag with the multi paisley lining and a nice orange check trim, I have started to do add on bits and bobs which have gone down well like purses and make up bags.

Here is a little coin purse to match.

If anyone has bought Sew Hip magazine this month please let me know would love to get some feedback on my first project
Have a good night

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Stressed so I will tell you about Boots...

Hi there,
I'm a bit stressed today,I don't feel too well I am still on tons of medication which seems to zonk me out make me feel 2,000 degrees and generally rough , together with a stressed husband and 2 girls who are very very hard work, I am still waiting for the manual we should have received for taking on 2 traumatised children...
I wanted to introduce you to our new family member the lovely boots...

do you think she had settled well?......

She is only 10 weeks old and has lost a number of lives already..
she has fallen twice from the top landing.Lady C will not leave her alone, she takes her everywhere including to the loo where she accidentally dropped her in so we had to shower her and shampoo her and she seemed to enjoy it!

she likes to spend most of her time lying on my laptop which is a nightmare when I have things to do but think she felt this was the warmest place to lie on while she dried herself.
I think our pets are a reflection of our family which is why they are all bonkers, I havn't got a problem with that because being bonkers keeps me going.
I forgot to mention, here is a close up of when she tried my boiling hot tea, can you see the little b urn on her nose, bless.

Se loves a bit of Loose Women too

will try to post my news tomorrow
thanks for reading

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Thnk so much!

Well what a week!
I am now out of hospital resting (or trying to..) I was taken in my ambulance on Tuesday, that was an experience only to be endured with gas an air!! I came out on Saturday afternoon , missed the school fair when I was selling my bags and purses ect....just my luck. I feel a bit groggy and stiff but had the most lovely bath this morning so feel on the mend.
I want to thank everyone for the lovely cards and messages, I got a big shock but very welcome surprise when I came home to loads of card mostly handmade and some from people have never met.

how cool is that!
Our Stampin up team of 'Pink Ladies' ae so thoughtful its great to be part of it.
Thanks so much, duties will resume shortly I feel a few tutorials coming on...lots of time to think in there, I hope Kathleen, Gillian and my new special Friend Edith with whom I shared a small room with get better soon.