Thursday, 10 April 2014

Im Back!!!!!!!!!

Hi Folks,
been a crazy few months, very little crafting, sadly, I been renovation my mums apartment from a scruffy messy shell into a lovely 1 bed  luxury ;) apartment. Mum lived with us for 6 months while we completed on the sale....(nightmare seller) I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!
New kitchen, bathroom, lounge, fireplace, bedroom and hallway.Although she was on hand to choose lots of bit and bobs I decided to do it in true 'changing rooms' stylee.....
I wanted the kettle on, clothes in the wardrobe, food in the fridge and all her bits and bobs around the house ready for the big reveal. On the big day mum walked-in and cried, it was so emotional 6 months of proper stress and at 84 that's not easy, she was rushed into hospital by ambulance just before Christmas with  suspected stroke but think it was the stress...just too much for her, but back to the special day, she said it was amazing she was so shocked and so happy and so relieved and so at home everything I could have ever wanted ...just perfect.
so I need to get back in the crafty saddle starting with Stampin Up Peterborough training this Sunday, off now to find my crafty mojo...sure its around here somewhere?