Monday, 29 March 2010


have just done a fabby open day at a friends house, was sewing and sewing like mad until all hours to get bag finished

here are a few pics including my latest colours!

If you would like to order I will be putting International shipping charges on very very soon and I wilL also be selling the oil cloth by the metre!!!!!
Colours available are:


the winner is...............

My Little lady K pulled the name out for the hat.....finally.....
Seph...well done!
can I have your address can you e-mail me!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Sadly cant share a picture, some o you will know why.....Lady C my youngest had her ears pierced today. She had tidied her bedroom for 2 weeks so she could have them done.
You may know she has some emotional problems but I really couldnt have prepared myself for the nightmare of today...
she was on and off the chair again and again and again....shouting at everyone, she nees to have everything explained to her, you cant lie to her, you cant hide things from her...
when they hid the piercing machine behind their backs she freaked!!! they ended up showing her...they looked like staplers!!
after an hour she calmed a little while they did it then she screamed and screamed and cried and cried and cried.

she was so upset she set me Claires accessories mother and daughter crying!

It didnt end there....when we left she tried to rip the earings out she screamed her way round the shops...shouted at strangers, refused to get in the car...
I was shattered by the time we got home !!
shes only 7! note sue if the future looks bright!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

just fancied sharing....
for the people who know me well they will know that my dogs are very very special to me they were my substitute kids for a long long time.....
the boy next door keeps kicking his ball over the fence and has managed to smash my fabby glass lanterns and decided to NOT tell while sewing away I noticed a little red foorprint in the craft room and a little like the Wizard of Oz I followed it....
ohhh blood was everywhere I checked Harvey he was fine then checked Nix....her paw was dripping with blood, she had bee running round the garden for ages barking at the hedge cutter man ast he back of the house.

I wisked her off to the vet like a mad woman she had to be shaved have the cut stapled, antibiotic injection, anti inflamitry (sorry cant spell) injection and dressed but he kindly gave her a fabby girls pink bandage..
She is feeling very very sorry for herself but she will be fine.
Also while she was there she had the very vary large lumps drained a little and the vet tells me there just 'fatty lumps' fantastic ve ben sooo worried.

here is a little piccy...they pink sausage looking thing is her foot...ahhhhhhhh

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Soooooo sorry,
its been ages and have big a good way.....
I cant make the bags quick enough! everytime I make them they are sold, my machine is actually hot!!

I am gong to a charity open day with some of my bags on Monday (not made them yet...) then am going to Italy.....Im soooooooo lucky Im off to the paper and co show!! My pal Kirsty Wiseman s teachng there and we are on the same flights out and same back, my hubby is coming as well we will have to be careful not to leave him out as when we get together we giggle and giggle and giggle....., he will do his own thing while I craft!! soooooooooooo excited!!

I PROMISE I will pick winner after that.

am having my first Stampin up open day in April, so please keep loking for info on that!!

Speak soon