Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hot cakes!!

I have been sooooo busy, my bags have being going like hot cakes!
Here is a picture of a craft fair I did a little while ago and a pic of the different colors available Ive been asked for prices so below is a current price list. I can send out a bag straight away if its in stock and if not usually within a few days, I am away next week for 4 days so there will be a little delay then.
Here are the pics

Here is the price list
BAGS £29 postage £3.95
PURSES £5 If bought with a bag £6 if not postage £1
Doorstops will be supplied empty you will need to fill and slipstick the hole! £10 postage £2
Pin cushions £3.50 £1 postage
Tooth pillows £5.50 £2 postage

International orders will be more.

All dependent on fabric availability, special order will be taken!!
Coming soon....
Personalised Bike Buckets....
Personalised Mini Bags....
Jumbo Beach bags....
And more..

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

In the Interim....

I am working on some new ideas but in the meantime I wanted to share a pic with you. I took my girls to Blackpool, it cost a small fortune but we had such a great day, I love to see them experience new things. Stuart was away so couldn't come with us and I didn't realise that most ride are for 2 and there was no way I could leave one of the girls on their own. Luckily Sarah (the lovely Sarah Makin) doesn't live too far away and said she would bob over with Tom and her new baby Matthew.
How cute is he!!!!
They really saved the day Lady K to a very big shine to Sarahs hubby Tom, so nice to see her so happy, poor Tom he didnt get a minute's peace!

Lady K wanted to try to win a toy and after a few attemps she realised it wasnt going to happen then we bumped into this poor man....

I asked him if he had a big house...her replied "I havn't got a big car!!" It wasnt as if it was soft so it could be squashed into a car its was solid. So I had to thank my lucky stars.....I couldnt stop laughing...if you look closely his wife won as well and they didnt have any kids!