Monday, 30 April 2012

 Something new is coming to town....

I will be posting my crafty workshops very soon, watch this space...

How amazing is this, Kirsty Wiseman designed it for me, its a standard joke, I keep asking her to come over for a 'craft jam' what better name for a new venture.........

If you need a fabby and  fresh Blog banner,
business identity
or just need your current blog updating then you MUST speak to Kirsty She is amazing, you can google her name and get to her blog....
and if you want the most amazing pictures or just want to learn how to take amazing photos then Kirsty is your man...well woman....;)

This is my 11 year old can I say....

An this is my amazing but troubled 9 year old.


Be sure to come back again so view my tutorials!


Come back soon to view all of my videos!

New Craft Studio WOOO HOOO!

Ok so it got in a real mess.......and has been like this for a long time..
My whole crafty life changed this weekend...for the muchness better.
When I invited Kirsty and Ellie by crafty buddy and scrummy daughter to come over who would have thought this would happen. They arrived at 8ish on Friday night, we chatted and grazed and giggled for a while as usual then Kirsty said shall we do some crafting....well my other crafty buddy Christine was due round too and had just cancelled and I just felt the embarrassment of my  room would be too could we craft in such chaos?
Kirsty said , "shall we do your room then? I love tidying..especially crafts" I must admit she made this decision 'without' looking in my room...I think her reaction was "holy shit!" but she was not put off and we set to work. ..

 I think maybe Kirsty should go into teaching in a school, she knows how to crack the whip, I was guilty as charged so I did as I was told. She asked me if I really needed 'audio cassette' and packs of horrid cheap tacky brads which of course I didn't so we filled bags of rubbish,  recycling and donations.
We giggled , munched and danced our way round the room, even the cupboards were sorted like never before. Ellie and Lady K chilled watching movies and eating treats , they visited us every now and then. Lady C did her own thing as usual.

We worked out we spent 10 hours at least over the weekend.....10!!!!!
It was sooo well worth it, I am ready for classes now, sewing and papercrafts and cant wait to get cracking.

Just need to sort out the back area where I sew then its all done!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Ive been so busy, I am having a new kitchen floor....I cant be the Interior Designer like a plumber with a leaky tap anymore!! I'm wallpapering a few rooms, touching up very scuffed paint.....we are completely upsidown but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...a couple more weeks and we will be almost there...I am loving it and cant wait for it to all be finished.....

I snatched a little time this afternoon to make a couple of very overdue gifts.....

not long left for you to to get your hands on this gorg fabric, and why not get a stamp set to match? click on the mini catalogue on the right hand side to have a only have until the end of April!