Monday, 29 July 2013

Triple Embossing Tutorial

 Here are some of the samples I made at a recent training day, I love embossing powders and the versatile finish they create. This isn't a new technique but I love it....turn card into beautiful metal embellishments...
I have included a quick tutorial x

Hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Talk about stress!

I am so behind on sorry to anyone Ive let down over the last couple of say its been stressful is an understatement!
No excuses but an explanation is in order, I'm sorry and am back up and running over the next few days...

Ive been home schooling, which , as a non academic Ive found this a challenge to say the least. Everything has been on hold for this but the good news is that Lady C is on the mend, we took the very hard and difficult decision to leave her little community school.....things started going very wrong for her and to be honest little lady C only 'reacts' to things, she isn't generally a naughty child, if someone winds her up, she reacts, if she feels someone is not being true to her or if she feels unworthy or unliked she is hyper sensitive and she reacts.
She reacted BIG TIME, shes been in self destruct mode for weeks and slowly she's become a liability to the school and now full of self loathing she spiralled out of control. I personally feel like Ive been in tears for EVER!
Then, like a classic light bulb moment, when we were told by the head teacher that maybe this wasn't the right place for her, like the flick of a switch we saw the light...
She was right, we needed to look around, more expertise was needed , for her to stand a chance we had to move.
After only being allowed into school for an hour a day we have now moved to a much more structured and in my opinion qualified school for all types of children, especially little lady C this is not a 'special' school just a better school.
After weeks and week of uncertainty she started 9am-3.30pm from day 1 and I haven't had a call and so far...
She is happy, excited and back to her old self. This school is soooo strict but I think its what she needed, clear boundries not inconsistency.

In addition we have been waiting for her to have her tonsils out since Nov 12 when we saw the specialist and I had a call today saying can we go in on Sat...THIS Sat.. poor little love.

Fingers crossed she will be fine.

Hope to be back crafting soon!