Thursday, 28 October 2010

Another Freebie Spotty Bag!

I have decided to give away another spotty bag, I will put a picture on my blog tomorrow of the colour...not decided yet, need to have a look what I have ready sewn!
Leave a comment if you would like to be pu in the draw!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

More fabby projects and Gordon Ramsay??

what is this?

last week I was so lucky to go to a Gordon Ramsay Gala dinner up in Scotland, I am not really used to occasions like this so I ordered lots of new outfits to try because I wanted to feel 'nice'! I actually ended up wearing a jacket I wore on my hen night 10 years ago....never mind.

The picture above is the middle course sorbet, it was like a work of art,,,the outside was edible pearl coloured in the shape of a peach, even the leaf was edible, when it was lightly tapped it shattered revealing the sorbet...yummmm......the whole meal was amazing, I even met the man himself!

Another little project to share from our fab training day, this is from a level 2 hostess set and the gorg designer it!

Saturday, 23 October 2010

horah! found a use for my 'slimming world' was a big one! found in Lady 'C's bed.....

Friday, 22 October 2010

More from the Quarterly Training day!

Here are a couple more samples from the quarterly training in Bicester, my favourite is this bookmark....lush!!!! love the 2 colour stamping...

Also ove the use of this littl stamp from 'Artistic Etching' how amazing is this! in fact love everything about this design too...
Get your fabby Stampin Up supplies from me! email me with your requirements and guess what???? you can now pay with your credit card...tempted?

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Inspiration Project

Hope you like my inspiration project, I did this at the SU training at Bicester, I haven't done one of these before doing a demo to a lot of demo's is nerve racking especially when things go a little pear shaped!! I did if 4 times 3 were fine and the last one I had to do again.....but it went well in the end. I will being a Video tutorial on this soon.

I thought I would include a close up? is this metal??...ahhha!!!! wait and see xx

I am off to Scotland in the morning to a special evening with Gordon Ramsey, all expenses paid 5 star hotel, fabby food and entertainment , some time with hubby and a little respite from the kids!! Hope to get some pics....I am sooooo lucky x

Monday, 18 October 2010

Bicester Stampin'up! Training Day

We had a great trip to Bicester on Sunday for our Stampin'up training day, Michelle organised a fab day on her own for 30 people..bless. I took with me, 3 'crafty' friends ,Kirsty, Chris and Claudia. We had a very early start we left at 6.30am and poor Claudia had an hour drive before that!
We all had to squash ourselves into a little Audi because my big bus (people carrier) wasn't too well so I didn't want to risk it.
The day started well with Claudia running our wheelie bin over.......hope her car is ok, I was more worried about the gorg flowers she has on the side of her Beetle hope they didnt get cool is that.
After a few wee breaks we arrived , I did a little demo together with 3 other demonstrators, to be honest Ive always been a bit nervous of these things but I loved it, even when I had a little hiccup...sometimes its good to make mistakes so you wont do them again (I kept telling myself this..).

We crafted and crafted then had to most amazing raffle, I won 3 times and it was all amazing things from the new catalogue......scrummy... I will post a load of pics shortly , I wanted to show you a few samples I saw on the day, will post some more tomorrow..

by the way,one of the many highlights on the day was when Kirtsy smacked the bum with her ruler of someone who she thought was me bending down only to find it was someone she had never seen before, we laughed so much, I had tears streaming down my face.....I was a bit worried Kirsty was going to pass out!

Kirsty took some fabby pics, I hope to get them from her soon and share them with you.
Belly laughs and crafting with friends ...what a perfect day xxx

Friday, 8 October 2010

I dont want to be French I need to be France!

This is my sweet little Lady 'C' she has more going on in the little head of hers than most of us have in a lifetime......I love her to bits, good and bad...
It was 8am and she said she had to go to school as 'France' so sorry for the very rough sewing I ran to the sewing room and made her a nice red beret, she put it on and loved it , I had already made a sample of a little 'kind of' French maids pinny so she put that on as well.

Ohhhh, I said you look so French! to which she replied, MUM!!! I need to be France not French!!

Bless her little cotton socks
She is on a new program at school and for a whole week she has been amazing so tonight we are going out, just the two of us. Lady 'K' is on a sleepover, and of course Dad will be in the Pub (its law on a Friday..girls night in so Dad HAS to go out..)

OK I'm off to do some sorting in the new SU room....while watching for my SU delivery of course!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Getting there.......

Well after the disaster of my shelves collapsing in my new stamping room/office, I think it may have been for the least it was only me hurt, if they had fallen on my mum (they were over the guest bed) it would have been terrible she is 81 and although she doesn't look it or act it she can be fragile.
Her are some of the pics of the work in progress, lots more to follow

you cant beat Ikea can you!

the problem I have is that there are some new punches on the way......

here is a tip!! never ever choose white for your walls and never believe a tin of paint call 'one coat' its doesn't do what it ways on the tin....if it said four coat then that's more like it...

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Swaps for Manchester Training

Hope you like my little swaps for the Manchester training, I LOVE my crimper and like the effect of stamping first then crimping,the Artistic Etching stamp set is fab, there are so many ways of using it...

Here is my little manequin, I bought a few of these from a closing down sale and decided to alter it, I used one of the stamp from the Vintage Vogue stamp set and Whisper white and early espresso cardstock. I made the flower using the Boho Blosson punch and just HAD to use a basic Pearl int he centre. I decided to use the Art By Design stamp set to make the little woven label on the side.
The leaf is made using the 2 step bird punch...fab isnt it?

I really hope you like it, any of the materials can be purchased from me, just click on the catalogue link, choose your stash, add £5.95 postage (for ANY size of order) , e-mail me and I will have it sent to your door!