Sunday, 31 July 2011

WoW!! Fabby new Promotion!!

How great is this?

I don't hide the fact I LOVE Stampin Up products love them love them love them....I love the people in our team, love the fact I will be going to Paris in November to spend lots of time with lots of lovely demos,love the whole thing!
Some might say obsessed....the fact I have stayed up until 1am to post the new promotion may confirm I am a bit bonkers (and maybe a bit obsessed...)

Need some free craft supplies? just take a look at this great promotion, call me or e-mail me if you need to know more!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Teachers gifts......How Many!!!

When you are told to always check the School website for any school info, you kind of check the website....don't you? didn't expect the holidays to be out of the girls actually broke up a week earlier than planned!!
If that wasn't bad enough I didn't click that's the 'teachers gifts' had to also be made a week earlier! PANIC!
So I delved into the craft room,did a little research and voila....

When I asked Lady C I then found out between them I had to 16...yes 16....if the teachers like them or not I always fee compelled to 'make' something (hope they like them..)

Hope you like them, I lovely getting my trusty SU stash out.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cardstock share and a freebie Bag!!!

Would you like to see ALL the stampin up cardstock but cant invest in a pack of each??
Let me help you!! join my paper share and you will have 1 A5 sheet of every cardstock colour from ALL 4 families PLUS 2A5 sheet from the IN COLOURS!!!!

All delivered to your door for £? JUST ASK ME!!!

You could use it to make cards or samplers for all your new recruits....

Playment by cheque or cash or Paypal with a 5% charge (sorry)....

Was there anything else........????? Ah yes....

Your can also me entered into a draw for a free spotty bag! its Aqua spots with a neutral strap and a flowery cram and aqua lining...

Pic to follow xx


Friday, 1 July 2011

blog hop!

Hopefully you came from
and after me you will go to

Wish someone had told me I hadnt spelt Lindsey correctly or linked properly!!! hope it hasnt ruined nything...xx