Friday, 20 November 2009

New CM Total!

Some may know I spent all my younger days being too thin and all my 30'S+ being too fat so I decided to do something about it!
I have been seeing a personal trainer for 7 weeks, its been hard because he tells you what to eat and what not to eat as well.
My current CM loss have been:
This is off the essential areas, bum , waist, legs and arm!
not bad eh?
i even keep it up for MOST of the convention!
I have to go for another run today which is hard with 2 dogs in tow!
My goal for the next measure (he does not believe in weight loss) is to reach 100cm!!

wish me luck!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Wednesday 18th Nov

I am trying to sort out my laptop I have more downloads and pictures than a download and picture factory!!
I came accross 2 pics from when I me the fabby Tim Holtz.

also here is a piccy of Dyan and Kirsty we did have a giggle that day and watched the most amazing workshops!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Another post!! but you gotta get this...

I love to see other peoples studios, nosy...yes...jelous....ohhhh yes...
I buy 2 of the most amazing magazines
Where women create
I love them both sooo much its great to see where people do their 'thing' I have seem cabins in the ground of peoples houses set in a little wood...beautiful purpose build loft rooms all over the world with these mags...
I spotted this in the back..

if a special edition downloadable copy ant it works out just over |£6.00!! and......guess whos in it????

ohhh yes
our Shelli!!
Its not the newest picture but if you want to download it its worth it, it had 3 pages or so of Shellis studio as well as lots of others!


Nearly Sunday....bit scared!!!

so excited and nervous......its the Sparkle Show on Sunday at the Hallmark Hotel (was the Belfry)in Handforth, I am selling my bags, faric door stops and will be show casing Stampin 'up there Will be some special offers for people signing up on the day!!
The lovely Debbi will be coming too.
The stand cost a fortune but it should be a good doo!!

There will be loads of fabby things like:
Clothes- need some
Jewellery-would like some
Non sUrgical procedures-neeeeeeed some
Chocolate-loooooove some
Spa packages-neeeeeeed lots

will post pics ASAP!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Bags, Bags, Bags, ....

I have a new range of crafts that are selling like hot cakes, started with some pastel colours which sold very well ans have now added some new scrummy colours....

Th colours available are, Plum, Red, Black, choc , cream/taupe,pale blue,pink there are 2 sizes medium and Large.

The Medium has a short strap and the large has a long strap and is of course bigger!

They are £26 and £29 . The matching felt flower had a brooch back and is extra at £3.00. P&P is charged at 'COST' tbc...

I have a big event on Sunday so I am sewing away to get as many done as possible.

E-mail me if you need any more info.

I am still recovering from my wonderful trip to Frankfurt to the first European Convention for Stampin Up. I cant tell you how wonderful it was, inspiring, sooo friendly I have returned buzzing!!

Its the best time to sign up you could be going to the next Convention in London next year!

I will post some pics very soon so please please keep looking!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Convention Swaps

The day after tomorrow I will be in Germany for the first European Stampin Up Conference, I am REALLY looking forward to it!!!... It been hard organizing the kids but worth it.
I was not sure how to tackle the swaps I had not done this before and the thought of making 180 swaps when I didn't feel confident was really difficult. I have made about 150 and decided if some people don't like them then its better to do less so I don't come home with any!
I have also made some bag tags for 'THE PINK LADIES' we are all part of the lovely Michelle's downline team and this is out name, they are not very Stampin up but I thought that would be better so it definitely will not be duplicated!hope you lik the pics