Monday, 4 November 2013

New addition to the family....

If I said I was obsessed with animals it would be an understatement....
I adore animals..
For Lady C's birthday we decided to get something she could take care of, be gentle with, something to call her own, knowing nothing about Guinea Pigs at the time I didn't realise the huge commitment...they need a pal, they need a 120cm cage and Peruvian Guinea need a daily brush.
But after all they have fitted in really well, we are keeping them inside for the winter and will get a hutch for the summer.

I love the fact they know my voice and come over to the side of the cage for cucumber or curly kale and actually take it from my hand, so cute. We have called them Bubble and Squeak, squeak is the one snuggling in my home made snuggle sack, (what did you expect? a new Guinea Pig line is on the design table..)

whats the film crew about?
well theres a odd mums friends keeping up?....makes product videos and has been searching for long haired Guinea Pigs and saw we had 2 on Facebook so that brought us to Friday. We has a photographer, 2 camera men, a model (Chris) the product licencee and James the producer! What a day, it took hours but a great experience, bubble only weed on Chris 3 times...the table twice but they do say never work with children and animals! Lots of other stuff going on but heres a little snippet!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Envelope Punch board!

This too nearly 2 weeks to upload!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you like this tutorial, I am very technically challenged and found this a little confusing at first but with a few tries I found how easy it really is to make beautiful envelopes in a flash!

So much has been going on , I will fill you in over the next few weeks but I am hopefully back and up and running soon!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

I love crafty sales that actually have things I love !

Love Stampin up products and love their Fabby offers on lots of sets that are so nice, the only problem is which to choose.......

Pop onto my online shop and grab yourself a bargain.. 

So many things going on at the moment I will be back in action very soon, there is light at the end of the tunnel and I'm hopeful it's not the oncoming train.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Back to Normal at last!

Although my new room arrangement isn't finished, the girls are back to school fully on Wednesday so I can feel a little normality again and get it finished!!!!!! I really cant wait, my craft studio has to be an Interior Design Studio, Stamping Studio , Scentsy Studio and a sewing I type this I realise I must be mad...
Summer holidays have flow by, we were lucky to go to Majorca and Abersoch this year , we got back a year ago, have done school shoe/uniform shopping and today and shhhhhhh......don't tell anyone..bra shopping too.
Both girls wanted to be measured, Lady C isn't quite ready for a bra yet but we managed to get her a little starter bra to keep her happy,she was petrified, think she thought she would have to stand in the shop naked! The lady was very nice and reassured her so for once no problems.

The day was finished off with a trip to the doctor, Lady K went on and on about having a henna tattoo, after giving in to her this is the result....the picture doesn't really show how bad it is, its like raised sore blisters, awful and not right...should never be allowed. we hope we are treating it early enough to avoid scarring, bless her she's very upset

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Late Friday post on Sat...whoooops......

 Hi, here is another video Tutorial for a gift wallet made with Stampin up Cardstock and Clear Embossing powder..

hope you like x 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Sooooooooooooooooooo overwelmed!!!!!!!

Horrid horrid job!!!! not even a bit of the way through...soooooo tired!!

I have boxes and boxes of stuff everywhere!!

I love looking and tidy peoples craft rooms, I just want one NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Horrid Job!

All change here! as if my craft room chaos hasn't been a nightmare for a long time I now have to move my Interior Design Studio in there HOW?

I am ALWAYS sorting my craft studio, I spend a lot of time looking at ideas of storage, I love moving things around, planning, rehashing etc etc....but I now have to get something the size of 40 people into a Mini.......not easy at all!!

The only way I can do this is to empty the whole room, then create the following..
Then make a design table, raised up with design books underneath, a Stampin up area, Scentsy area and a sewing area......feeling tired thinking about it....
Tomorrow it begins, the hard stuff.
The gazebo is up in the back garden to decanter the contents, 2 large trestle tables are up and I have employed some child labour who will be paid in sweets, chocolate and maybe the odd fiver....

wish me luck, I'm gonna need it!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bag making class for beginners!

At last my bag making classes are starting. Small classes to begin with based from my home in Wilmslow in cheshire. You will need your own sewing machine but all materials will be provided.

There will be morning or afternoon sessions available, each session with be £25 you will take away a small bag which will be fully lined (and little embellishment)  plus all the skills you will need  to make more whatever size you wish!

Here are a few fabrics available.
email me for details, sessions start at the end of Sept and I'm excited to say are filling up quickly!
I will post a pic very soon.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Quick and easy punch flower video tutorial

Hi , I thought I would share another quick Tutorial, if your short of time, need a quick embellishment here is a very simple tutorial using Stampin up paper/cardstock punches.


Monday, 29 July 2013

Triple Embossing Tutorial

 Here are some of the samples I made at a recent training day, I love embossing powders and the versatile finish they create. This isn't a new technique but I love it....turn card into beautiful metal embellishments...
I have included a quick tutorial x

Hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Talk about stress!

I am so behind on sorry to anyone Ive let down over the last couple of say its been stressful is an understatement!
No excuses but an explanation is in order, I'm sorry and am back up and running over the next few days...

Ive been home schooling, which , as a non academic Ive found this a challenge to say the least. Everything has been on hold for this but the good news is that Lady C is on the mend, we took the very hard and difficult decision to leave her little community school.....things started going very wrong for her and to be honest little lady C only 'reacts' to things, she isn't generally a naughty child, if someone winds her up, she reacts, if she feels someone is not being true to her or if she feels unworthy or unliked she is hyper sensitive and she reacts.
She reacted BIG TIME, shes been in self destruct mode for weeks and slowly she's become a liability to the school and now full of self loathing she spiralled out of control. I personally feel like Ive been in tears for EVER!
Then, like a classic light bulb moment, when we were told by the head teacher that maybe this wasn't the right place for her, like the flick of a switch we saw the light...
She was right, we needed to look around, more expertise was needed , for her to stand a chance we had to move.
After only being allowed into school for an hour a day we have now moved to a much more structured and in my opinion qualified school for all types of children, especially little lady C this is not a 'special' school just a better school.
After weeks and week of uncertainty she started 9am-3.30pm from day 1 and I haven't had a call and so far...
She is happy, excited and back to her old self. This school is soooo strict but I think its what she needed, clear boundries not inconsistency.

In addition we have been waiting for her to have her tonsils out since Nov 12 when we saw the specialist and I had a call today saying can we go in on Sat...THIS Sat.. poor little love.

Fingers crossed she will be fine.

Hope to be back crafting soon!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I shall be testing this out tonight.....

As things are a little crazy at the moment I shall be testing both these out tonight.
I may be some time....please send help if I'm not out by 2am..


Thursday, 13 June 2013

Ok after a lot of technical issues which have not been sorted out I wanted to show a new Friday crafty treat idea called Fab Fun on a Friday .
 Lady K and myself have decided we are going to do either a tutorial or a video every Friday, its our girly time (poor dad isn't allowed to join us he has to go to the pub...;)and where possible we want to do lots of more tune in every Friday for our bit of fun...

Monday, 10 June 2013

Come on more ideas would be great for my competition!!

Come on folks, Ive had a few ideas but need more......

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Its Competition time.......

Ok, I have decided to run a little competition.....and would love you to enter if you wish.
The winner will receive one of my spotty bags.

To enter the competition you need to email me ideas of new designs for my spotty collection. It can be a new bag shape, tote, useful Carrier of some kind...You can search any blog, gallery, website for ideas from any country for inspiration and please e-mail me the pic
The design best suited to my range will be chosen by me and my team (Lady C and Lady K of course...;)

Please note: I know someone will ask this question. I will not directly copy anyones design/ idea, I will take 'inspiration' from the design only.
Prize colour will be subject to availability.
The competition will close end of July so there is plenty of time!!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Interior Design

Ive not been crafting as much as I would like because Ive been busy in my day job as an Interior Designer and wondered if you may like to see a few pics?
This clients property is amazing, its an existing property that has been re developed . here is a sneaky peek...

This is the dining room, the right wall is completely made of glass overlooking an amazing pool, this wallpaper design is light reflecting so the light from the pool flickers on the walls...magical... there is a light voile on the pool window..

 This is the family room with a silk oversized metre wide light fitting and a splash of colour in the cushions and a few key piece accessories..
 This is their little girls room, we had all the furniture hand painted and upholstered in a pearlised, quilted faux leather...
The colours in the crystal chandelier mirror the colours in the cushions...
Hope you like it...Im pretty proud...

Friday, 31 May 2013

I want to be one of 'those' people....

I would love to be one of 'those' people... The kind that don't panic when they have visitors... The kind who are always so tidy that anyone can just pop in....the kind who can let anyone open a drawer or wardrobe without having heart palpitations..and the kind who can let anyone go upstairs freely at any time.....

I don't craft anywhere near enough  because I'm not and will never be one of 'those' people...

Well this weekend is an exciting nightmare.. I have a fair tomorrow, I have been sewing like a crazy person in crafty mayhem ( which is another room I have to tackle) to get enough made, I have made  scentsy display and SU bits and bobs then our vsitors arrive..

Kirsty ,Elle and maybe Eddie have been coming to stay for the weekend for some time, Stuart's off to Holland so we can have the house to ourselves, it's been on and possibly off because of Kirsty's work commitments ( which is why I took the fair gig) but now its actually happening which is great apart from the fact that  I'm not one of 'those' people.

A great example is when we go away Stuarts mum and dad dog sit and once they actually lifted the bed to clean underneath! Make up, magazines , hair brushes embarrassing.

Not only will our special guests be upstairs they are sleeping over! I know Kirsty will take us as she finds us,she wont care if its a mess and Im proud to say Ellie  loves it here,  but I CARE! I care a lot........i'm an Interior Design, bag maker, crafter,Stamp'in Up Demonstrator Scentsy consultant as well as pooper scooper, psychologist ,mum, wife ..sure there's more...

I've started this uphill battle but not sure if I will finish......wish I was of 'those' people sooooo much .

To 'those' people out there, I want to be you, I'm so jealous of you ...Help!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Happy Days?...

am doing house stuff today plus sewing bags and crafting and trying to put up with kids verbal abuse...
When you think that my situation is the same as yours were you called today a

 big fat ugly witch?...followed by sorry
shut up, get out, big fat cow....followed by sorry
get out your not my real mum....followed by sorry...

Not only this has my Iphone been lost/stolen...

Happy days....
Sorry for this post but I felt the need to share this, maybe it was wrong...

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Another picture from the Retreat

I just wanted to share another  picture together with my new watermark....Love it!
What do you think?

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Recent crafty Retreat

I de-stress with crafting, I love any type of crafting, paper craft, stamping , sewing, painting just everything!

If I didn't craft I think I would be a crumpled heap...
I thought I would share with you some pics from a recent crafty retreat
starting with some gorge scrummy eats..
welcome gift...

 lovely little project
more to follow.....

An uncrafty post....

I am sorry to rant but there may be people out there in a similar situation who feel very alone, pretty much how I do at the moment...

We went into adoption with our eyes open, scrutinised by all and sundry, asked crazy questions, our marriage analysed, my personality insulted as well as my intelligence,We had no idea what was to come..
There are endless instances but this one stuck in my mind....
When I asked one social worker if we could help her to get the report in on time to be considered for a family and that it would be the best Christmas present money could buy I was greeted by the comment... well Jane , we don't always get what we want do we...A fact that I heavy heartedly understand after 15 years of fertility investigations, no diagnosis and 2 adopted children later.... but we had to smile politely and get on with her patronising comments..

Going from a monthly wait for a pregnancy to a daily wait for a call about a new forever family did take its toll, many .many tears were shed, after all our future was In someone Else's hands, someone who had their own personal battles who in her words worked part time hours for a full time job, someone who would call and reel off children's names (all of which I remember) at 5.25pm before she left at 5.30pm..
I even bought a holder for my phone which I had round my neck so if I bobbed to the loo I wouldn't miss THAT CALL....

THAT CALL, didn't come that often, sometimes she would start to conversation  by saying...Ill have to be quick I'm going out tonight...
Oh I'm very sorry to disturb, this is my life your messing with I would think but never be allowed to say...

6 years later we have 2 beautiful girls but girls who have had early trauma  , girls that didn't ask for this kind of a start in life.....
still we have to fight,but why havnt they been through enough? shouldn't they be given the world?

If I started telling you the blunders that have happened along the way you would not believe it...its shocking what they have done to our girls and to us..

We are lucky , we have good friends they try but they don't really get it.....oh yes mines like this....mines like that....all kids fight... NO ITS NOT THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very very not the same...severe anxiety and attachment disorder, together with learning difficulties cripple my girls on a daily basis...insecurity and a desperate need to be loved, accepted and to feel normal...'just want to be like everyone else'  they their eyes we can never really understand..

I am sick of fighting for be turned down because on paper they are coping...they need help you sanctimonious paper pushers! NOW not when something goes really wrong.. because then its too late...

And why do I need to bring one of my little girls to as many places as possible, SU training? no other little girls there...
Because she NEEDS it...she LOVES it....she feel NORMAL, CLEVER and LIKED..she doesn't feel like this often and it makes me more happy than you will ever know to feel like this, it doesn't happen too often...
Wish I could bring my lttle one but shes not there yet...a long way off...

I feel a bit better for letting this out and I will continue the fight for what they need and what they deserve .

Monday, 29 April 2013

My lovely crafty friend Sarah was recently married and my Lady C and Lady K were asked to be bridesmaids!
My girls always feel that people don't want them at their wedding because we seem to go to loads and they don't get an invite...They don't understand that its often the cost of a wedding that makes people not ask children so when they were asked they were shocked and thrilled.
Here is a pic of Sarah's card and surprise gift of something new and blue..
all made with Stampin Up card of course!
 here is Lady C, she did so well all day, it was so hard for her, lots of people taking pictures asking her to smile, stand there, and anyone who knows her this is not easy at all for her but she was amazing, truly amazing all day.
 In the wedding car

Not forgetting lady K, she was freezing here but can you believe she is 12!?

As for the hair...
Lady K in the car, how grand does she look, this was an amazing day, full of memories , I was such a proud mum....Thanks for reading.