Monday, 2 September 2013

Back to Normal at last!

Although my new room arrangement isn't finished, the girls are back to school fully on Wednesday so I can feel a little normality again and get it finished!!!!!! I really cant wait, my craft studio has to be an Interior Design Studio, Stamping Studio , Scentsy Studio and a sewing I type this I realise I must be mad...
Summer holidays have flow by, we were lucky to go to Majorca and Abersoch this year , we got back a year ago, have done school shoe/uniform shopping and today and shhhhhhh......don't tell anyone..bra shopping too.
Both girls wanted to be measured, Lady C isn't quite ready for a bra yet but we managed to get her a little starter bra to keep her happy,she was petrified, think she thought she would have to stand in the shop naked! The lady was very nice and reassured her so for once no problems.

The day was finished off with a trip to the doctor, Lady K went on and on about having a henna tattoo, after giving in to her this is the result....the picture doesn't really show how bad it is, its like raised sore blisters, awful and not right...should never be allowed. we hope we are treating it early enough to avoid scarring, bless her she's very upset

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Late Friday post on Sat...whoooops......

 Hi, here is another video Tutorial for a gift wallet made with Stampin up Cardstock and Clear Embossing powder..

hope you like x