Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How is everyone getting on surviving the kids Holidays?

If the stress of having 1 teenager and 1 nearly a teenager at home for a week wasn't enough I have the decorators in! I am used to decorating myself so this is a real treat..... 
Too much late night TV and too many sleepovers make very grumpy girls so I am struggling to get everything done and am feeling like the picture!
so I needed a plan and whilst thinking about the plan I have been through the ironing mountain. I am surrounded by dustsheets coats for the emptied coat rack and paint pots, but the end result is a 'proper' painted hall, stairs, landing, bathroom and girls bedrooms! so excited its a totally new experience for me!

so my survival plan is....
  • lists lists and lists, every time I think of something I need to do it goes on a list
  • from the lists I gave myself a daily to do list
  • Get up super early as my kids done stir until lunchtime so that's half a day to get cracking!
  • give them pocket money jobs, worked well so far...
  • and lastly , let them stay up later so then sleep in longer!
Good Luck!