Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Soooooo sorry,
its been ages and have big a good way.....
I cant make the bags quick enough! everytime I make them they are sold, my machine is actually hot!!

I am gong to a charity open day with some of my bags on Monday (not made them yet...) then am going to Italy.....Im soooooooo lucky Im off to the paper and co show!! My pal Kirsty Wiseman s teachng there and we are on the same flights out and same back, my hubby is coming as well we will have to be careful not to leave him out as when we get together we giggle and giggle and giggle....., he will do his own thing while I craft!! soooooooooooo excited!!

I PROMISE I will pick winner after that.

am having my first Stampin up open day in April, so please keep loking for info on that!!

Speak soon

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  1. Finally a new post I thought you had dissapeared for good. I better win that bag x