Sunday, 27 June 2010

Terrible Blogger

I am a terrible blogger, I know, but I have so busy making bags, lavender hearts and pin cushions for a local Fete today, I had a great time my bags were really well recieved and I looks like I will be stocking a fab local shop I will post the info when I know more...How exciting!!

On a good note I sold most of the bags I made on a bad note I didnt get chance to photograph all the colours so I will make some more very quickly and post the pics, I have some of the colours in my gallery on the right hand side but will update soon.

Thanks for everyone for the lovely positive comment, for all the purchases and for all the orders!! I really shouldnt be watching Lewis I should be sewing but need a break.
I will be at the Styal Primary school fair on Saturday next week and may be at the Wilmslow show if there are any tables left.

Thanks for reading


  1. I had a look at the bags what great material where is that from? I am glad they went well and stocking a shop how very exciting for you! hope you can share where the Mat was from would love some. (oh and I don't want to make a bag to sell just so you know he he I'll leave that to you the professional)

    Love Dawn xx

  2. Hi there, I sell the material too!! I buy it trade and sell at £12 per mtr plus P&P I have just shipped 25 metres to Italy!
    if you are interested I will telly you all the colours