Sunday, 4 July 2010

Thnk so much!

Well what a week!
I am now out of hospital resting (or trying to..) I was taken in my ambulance on Tuesday, that was an experience only to be endured with gas an air!! I came out on Saturday afternoon , missed the school fair when I was selling my bags and purses ect....just my luck. I feel a bit groggy and stiff but had the most lovely bath this morning so feel on the mend.
I want to thank everyone for the lovely cards and messages, I got a big shock but very welcome surprise when I came home to loads of card mostly handmade and some from people have never met.

how cool is that!
Our Stampin up team of 'Pink Ladies' ae so thoughtful its great to be part of it.
Thanks so much, duties will resume shortly I feel a few tutorials coming on...lots of time to think in there, I hope Kathleen, Gillian and my new special Friend Edith with whom I shared a small room with get better soon.

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