Friday, 3 September 2010

New tutorial

I have been to the Manchester Stitch and creative craft show at Manchester Central today....
The kids are back at school, I have been surrounded by stress so as I don't have a car I popped on the train...super....popped on the free shuttle bus....super... ready for a creative boost..
It was the worst show, half empty so bad I went round in 15 mins and left!
There was one nice stand I know the lady think its Dolly Cottage crafts but to be honest I didn't need any card and stampy stuff because of Su
I wanted inspiration and all I got was perspiration......
I did buy a load of cheep scissors for all my workshops from the 'every things a pound' stand (she says hopeful about Stamp Up workshops!)

I am designing my new office in the hope it will bring me a more business as I will be super duper organised....
I am still painting I think I have the spray from the white roller on my eyeballs today, but I HAVE to finish it.
Every time I paint I see another thing that needs doing, the cornice was a bit grubby, shall I paint it?? nah......well actually I now HAVE to paint it because 3 walls are white and as you know white makes old white look dirty and grey so on with the ceiling, cornice wall...ect ect etc

The Tutorial
I have been sewing FOR EVER and seem to have left this passion for a long long time, I trained for 4 years at Hollins on Manchester so should really use it alongside my papercraft obsession.
I can make roman blinds but just haven't got the time so...wait for it....I am going to COVER one!!
I will take pics as I go along to show you how i can be done..hopefully..

This will mean you can buy any roman from Ikea or anywhere Dunelm etc and use your own fabric

using making tape attach the blind to the window with a piece of the new fabric you want to use over the top to make sure you cant see through to the blind underneath

Watch this space for pics..

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  1. Glad to hear you were good at the show but it does sound disappointing, although I imagine Sat and Sun will be better! Looking forward to seeing the blind tutorial. x