Monday, 27 December 2010

Nice picture for my new diet.....

I LOVE to learn anything new, anything crafty , it keeps me sane, its tough being a Mum sometimes and of course with my 2 lovely girls being a little more hard work than most in some ways, its a challenge to my craft, sew, even just LOOK at my crafty stash and for an extra treat I take a class or got to an exhibition.

I recently went to the Knitting and Stitching show with my 'crafty Mate Chris' (that's her full name now....) We went at daybreak expecting a horrid journey from Wilmslow to Harrogate but it was great, we were an hour early so we stopped off for a treat.
I have ALWAYS wanted to got to Betty's Tea Shop and have always moaned at my mate Dyan (from Art from The Heart) as she lives in Harrogate and when I have stayed we have never made it there, but that has now changed because here I am in Betty's Tea Shop!!!....

Not my fav picture, a few too many chins but maybe it will help with my New Years Diet. What a lovely traditional quaint tea shop, sadly as it was breakfast I didn't fancy a cake or a cheesy croissant that early in the morning so it was just a nice cuppa for me!

I loved this exhibition, we did a couple of classes and were like excited little girls running around stroking fabric and gazing at buttons....but around the exhibition there were windows to the outside world showing the start of a little shower of snow which got heavier and heavier so we made a decision to leave early, we found a lovely couple of ladies to give our last class tickets to and set off home. the journey is 2 1/2 hours on a normal day but becuase of the thick snow and ice it took 6 1/2 tired and so stressed but as I had a nice crafty FIX I soon got over it..

I will post a pic of my Freebie Blog Candy ASAP

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