Thursday, 20 January 2011

I felt bad for only posting a picture of Lady C..... well, this is Lady K (with lady C of course....)

she desperately NEEDS to be loved, she ALWAYS feels the need to be liked by everyone, as I look at this beautiful face I now find it hard to believe she used to find it hard to look in the mirror, she saw an ugly girl facing back at her....can you believe it? she would cry and cry about the way she looked, slowly she has started to get more confidence and had started to believe she is beautiful.
This is a very rare picture of my girls together, 'K' doesn't show much affection to 'C' that's why is so precious, it was taken by my buddy Kirsty Wiseman and it was with a little point and click!

I love it...


  1. What a beautiful photo Jane and two very beautiful and precious little girls!

  2. I'm not surprised you think it's a special photo Jane, it's gorgeous. And so are Lady K and Lady C