Sunday, 6 February 2011


I have had a terrible flood in my Studio over Christmas, I lost a lot of fabric and tons of bits and bobs I left on my floor after a mad busy pre Christmas sewing rush.....

The leak must have been going on and on for ages and as it was Christmas I didn't go in my room at all.

My new years resolution is very delayed......BUT its time to get cracking!!
To any fellow demonstrators who are close by, I am having a shoe box swap the middle of March. I will have room for about 8 I think, if you would like to come (actual date to be arrange) please leave a message or e-mail me.

This will give me the kick I need to get sorted AGAIN....everything had to be moved and stacked very quickly out of the way.....

New beginnings.....(just had my water metre read and we are £200 over the normal reading...ouch.....

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  1. I hope you haven't lost too much of your supplies. All the best to you on getting sorted out. I wish I lived closer so I could lend a hand.