Saturday, 30 April 2011


Like most of us I have up days and down days, unfortunately I have had a few down days all together in one go so not been blogging recently....

Just to add to my dark days Lady C in a temper said to me today "you are not my Mum anyway Mum"
usually my face shows how upset this makes me but today it kind of made me chuckle, she was trying to hurt me with her words but still called me Mum at the end!

The good news is that I am now back on track and have been crafting to pick myself up and get me motivated again.
I have been using some of the new fabby stampin up mini supplies, so much amazing stuff! here a a few pics...

I love to make good memories for my girls and think of my lovely Dad for inspiration, he always made things special, never let us know when there were problems (I'm not good at that) he was am amazing taking a leaf out of his book I organised a full day of partying for the Royal Wedding , here are a few pics

this was lunch a nice British tea party with Pims on the lawn! later we had a BBQ with venison and steak and lots of scrummy salads, a lovely day I hope they will remember.....


  1. Hi Jane - glad to hear you're feeling better. Love your cards and your party food looks brilliant! Hope you had a good day. Gill x

  2. Hi Jane, sorry to hear you've been having a bit of a bad time lately....but glad things are looking up!

    Your cards look stunning, such fab colours together, and as for your party, wow! I bet you had a lovely time with so many delicious treats like that.

    take care,