Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hot cakes!!

I have been sooooo busy, my bags have being going like hot cakes!
Here is a picture of a craft fair I did a little while ago and a pic of the different colors available Ive been asked for prices so below is a current price list. I can send out a bag straight away if its in stock and if not usually within a few days, I am away next week for 4 days so there will be a little delay then.
Here are the pics

Here is the price list
BAGS £29 postage £3.95
PURSES £5 If bought with a bag £6 if not postage £1
Doorstops will be supplied empty you will need to fill and slipstick the hole! £10 postage £2
Pin cushions £3.50 £1 postage
Tooth pillows £5.50 £2 postage

International orders will be more.

All dependent on fabric availability, special order will be taken!!
Coming soon....
Personalised Bike Buckets....
Personalised Mini Bags....
Jumbo Beach bags....
And more..

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  1. Such fab colours Jane...I can understand your bags selling well. I love mine and use it every day!