Monday, 29 April 2013

My lovely crafty friend Sarah was recently married and my Lady C and Lady K were asked to be bridesmaids!
My girls always feel that people don't want them at their wedding because we seem to go to loads and they don't get an invite...They don't understand that its often the cost of a wedding that makes people not ask children so when they were asked they were shocked and thrilled.
Here is a pic of Sarah's card and surprise gift of something new and blue..
all made with Stampin Up card of course!
 here is Lady C, she did so well all day, it was so hard for her, lots of people taking pictures asking her to smile, stand there, and anyone who knows her this is not easy at all for her but she was amazing, truly amazing all day.
 In the wedding car

Not forgetting lady K, she was freezing here but can you believe she is 12!?

As for the hair...
Lady K in the car, how grand does she look, this was an amazing day, full of memories , I was such a proud mum....Thanks for reading.


  1. thanks so much, its hard for both of them but they did so well x