Friday, 31 May 2013

I want to be one of 'those' people....

I would love to be one of 'those' people... The kind that don't panic when they have visitors... The kind who are always so tidy that anyone can just pop in....the kind who can let anyone open a drawer or wardrobe without having heart palpitations..and the kind who can let anyone go upstairs freely at any time.....

I don't craft anywhere near enough  because I'm not and will never be one of 'those' people...

Well this weekend is an exciting nightmare.. I have a fair tomorrow, I have been sewing like a crazy person in crafty mayhem ( which is another room I have to tackle) to get enough made, I have made  scentsy display and SU bits and bobs then our vsitors arrive..

Kirsty ,Elle and maybe Eddie have been coming to stay for the weekend for some time, Stuart's off to Holland so we can have the house to ourselves, it's been on and possibly off because of Kirsty's work commitments ( which is why I took the fair gig) but now its actually happening which is great apart from the fact that  I'm not one of 'those' people.

A great example is when we go away Stuarts mum and dad dog sit and once they actually lifted the bed to clean underneath! Make up, magazines , hair brushes embarrassing.

Not only will our special guests be upstairs they are sleeping over! I know Kirsty will take us as she finds us,she wont care if its a mess and Im proud to say Ellie  loves it here,  but I CARE! I care a lot........i'm an Interior Design, bag maker, crafter,Stamp'in Up Demonstrator Scentsy consultant as well as pooper scooper, psychologist ,mum, wife ..sure there's more...

I've started this uphill battle but not sure if I will finish......wish I was of 'those' people sooooo much .

To 'those' people out there, I want to be you, I'm so jealous of you ...Help!


  1. Don't worry I'm not one of those people either. My craft room looks like a bomb has gone off, but I just shut the door on it. The rest of the house is clean-ish and fairly tidy, but there's lots of 'stuff' around. Family and true friends won't judge you on your housekeeping anyway.
    Good luck with your fair.

  2. Hi tere, I know Im not alone but have spend a million hours on the house and it still looks messy! never mind, Im not stressing, its an amazing day for the fair today x