Thursday, 6 June 2013

Its Competition time.......

Ok, I have decided to run a little competition.....and would love you to enter if you wish.
The winner will receive one of my spotty bags.

To enter the competition you need to email me ideas of new designs for my spotty collection. It can be a new bag shape, tote, useful Carrier of some kind...You can search any blog, gallery, website for ideas from any country for inspiration and please e-mail me the pic
The design best suited to my range will be chosen by me and my team (Lady C and Lady K of course...;)

Please note: I know someone will ask this question. I will not directly copy anyones design/ idea, I will take 'inspiration' from the design only.
Prize colour will be subject to availability.
The competition will close end of July so there is plenty of time!!


  1. I've no ideas Jane but as a previous winner of one of your fab bags I'd just like to say that I use it all the time and have had several compliments on it.

  2. Thanks Fiona, That's kind of you to say xx I was recently in Marks and Spencer and saw a lady with one I have never seen her before but it was so nice to see some walking round with one...

  3. Hello there,What a lovely Blog-you make some beautiful things :)
    I would love to take part in your competition thank you-i have emailed you a piccy of something spotty and thought they are a great idea :)
    Best wishes,Nessa xx