Monday, 4 November 2013

New addition to the family....

If I said I was obsessed with animals it would be an understatement....
I adore animals..
For Lady C's birthday we decided to get something she could take care of, be gentle with, something to call her own, knowing nothing about Guinea Pigs at the time I didn't realise the huge commitment...they need a pal, they need a 120cm cage and Peruvian Guinea need a daily brush.
But after all they have fitted in really well, we are keeping them inside for the winter and will get a hutch for the summer.

I love the fact they know my voice and come over to the side of the cage for cucumber or curly kale and actually take it from my hand, so cute. We have called them Bubble and Squeak, squeak is the one snuggling in my home made snuggle sack, (what did you expect? a new Guinea Pig line is on the design table..)

whats the film crew about?
well theres a odd mums friends keeping up?....makes product videos and has been searching for long haired Guinea Pigs and saw we had 2 on Facebook so that brought us to Friday. We has a photographer, 2 camera men, a model (Chris) the product licencee and James the producer! What a day, it took hours but a great experience, bubble only weed on Chris 3 times...the table twice but they do say never work with children and animals! Lots of other stuff going on but heres a little snippet!

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