Monday, 20 January 2014

Shocked........could things we looking up for Lady C?

I'm in a state of shock...
Some may know what a difficult time we have had getting support for Lady C, Its been a real struggle but we now have 'Statement of special education
needs' this has taken nearly 7 years and is very overdue but we choose to look forward and know this will help her through difficult times ahead.

Today things got even better, we decided to apply for a DLA to help with lady C's ongoing therapy, we didn't expect much but I received a text to say it will take up to 8 weeks for the decision to be made so I wasn't hopeful, that was 3 days ago and today I had another text to say its been approved! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you have had so many doors slammed in your face and many let downs and so much lack of support you think that's it...this is it for me...
What feels so good is that people seem to understand what we are going through...this is not just a naughty child who get cross, and who get out of control this is a child who needs help and she needs it now..

Whoever you are I thank you, and as I always used to say to my Sis ..I thank you INFINITIVE RECURRING.....+1

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