Saturday, 10 July 2010

Stressed so I will tell you about Boots...

Hi there,
I'm a bit stressed today,I don't feel too well I am still on tons of medication which seems to zonk me out make me feel 2,000 degrees and generally rough , together with a stressed husband and 2 girls who are very very hard work, I am still waiting for the manual we should have received for taking on 2 traumatised children...
I wanted to introduce you to our new family member the lovely boots...

do you think she had settled well?......

She is only 10 weeks old and has lost a number of lives already..
she has fallen twice from the top landing.Lady C will not leave her alone, she takes her everywhere including to the loo where she accidentally dropped her in so we had to shower her and shampoo her and she seemed to enjoy it!

she likes to spend most of her time lying on my laptop which is a nightmare when I have things to do but think she felt this was the warmest place to lie on while she dried herself.
I think our pets are a reflection of our family which is why they are all bonkers, I havn't got a problem with that because being bonkers keeps me going.
I forgot to mention, here is a close up of when she tried my boiling hot tea, can you see the little b urn on her nose, bless.

Se loves a bit of Loose Women too

will try to post my news tomorrow
thanks for reading

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  1. Aw hun - sorry you're still feeling grotty!

    How cute is Boots - ahhhhh! Plenty of 'feline therapy' will help! - Sounds a bit of a 'minx' though - I'm sure the Queens are worse than the Toms - we've found that with our two!

    How is she getting on with H&N?