Thursday, 15 July 2010

Why why us?

There are many cats waiting for homes....why did we get the completely bonkers one?
she fell head first into a tub of butter didnt jump out oh no..she ate her way out then landed on my laptop to show me what she had done!
in the picture this is butter not soap!
she has now just had her second bath of her short life and is feeling very very sorry fo herself....

No you have not guessed it yet!!!......close but not yet!!


  1. Aw - kitty!!! Silly kitty lol ;-)


  2. Aw, poor thing! She can't help being stupid!

  3. Oh sweet.....they say if you put butter on their paws they will never run away! looks like your stuck with her after all that should have just stuck her in between two bits of bread!!!!!

    Carol x

  4. thanks for the comments folks love the butter theory think we are definately stuck with her!

    Jane x

  5. hahaha! this made me laugh out loud this morning! bless her! she is a cutie ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx