Monday, 23 August 2010


The problem is what to do first, I'm sewing ,sorting, selling and child minding...(sorry the child minding was at the end of course that's first!)
My office is coming along nicely I hope to have some pics shortly I have moved the furniture round and I am ready to paint....The sewing room is a mess, it wasn't but is again and I have someone coming round later to buy some fabric so need to get cracking. The problem is there is a new craft shop opened in the Village its 2 mins away, haw amazing , I NEEEEEEEEEED to go and have a look don't I?

I have a new really lovely customer for my bags, doorstops lavender hearts etc etc I did a craft fair and a really nice lady bought some of my bits and bobs , she has a lovely village shop and would like to have some for her shop. How amazing is that! I now have 3 outlets!

My second article is going into Sew Hip magazine so I am really excited about that too here is a sneak peak of the project.

Any no-one guessed the Dog bed I designed I thought I would offer a FREE LAVENDER HEART to the first person who has seen my first article in this Months Sew Hip and know how many pages it was...(something little me is very very proud of)

gotta go painting ect to crack on after a little crafty visit of course......


  1. Hi Jane,

    Your old sewing tutor here from - Sue Hazell ! Great to see your doggie bed in SEW HIP this month & fantastic to see you go from strength to strength. Love the links to various blogs & picked up a few storage ideas even at my age ! I have relocated to the Cotswolds & have a new cotswold stone purpose built studio, so come & see me sometime.

  2. hi there Sue, so nice to hear from you, I would love to pop in, you could meet our new family too!!
    You may regret this....xx