Saturday, 29 October 2011

Fabric Fabric and More Fabric...

From the sneak peak here are my first samples using one of the new fabby fabric pack from Stampin Up!
I used Flirtatious 122335 ,Lovin it!. the great thing about theses fabrics is you get a generous 68.6cm 45.7cm which is a very big fat quarter.
Here are all the projects together. The middle 'cake' is a pin cushion and the little patchwork pillow is a lavender pillow.

This is a little place mat with very easy applique...

This is a little phone purse

An easy hair clip

And a very easy applique bag, if you cant sew but can use an iron this is the project for you...
iron on the adhesive fabric roll to the back of the fabric pieces, choose a die and put through your sizzix peal off the adhesive roll backing and iron on!! simples!

Keep looking for my fabricy treats!


  1. Wow Jane these are gorgeous!!! You're awesome at sewing! :o)

    Sarah x

  2. Exquisite makes Jane, you're such a talented seamstress. I can't even sew in a straight line.

  3. thanks so (or should I say sew) much!...

    They are all easy peasy projects To be honest..

    Fiona!!! thanks so much for the lush card ! xxx`

  4. Such beautiful designs Jane..those fabrics look gorgeous!

    Enjoy the NEC.


  5. arnt you coming Mandy? not that far for you? x