Sunday, 19 February 2012

I have some may call it an excuse but I am going to call it news....
I have set up a new Interior Design Business!
I have a new business partner and we started trading at the beginning of January, and da da daaaaaa..........we have won our first contract!
We install 2 show homes in March, we are so excited we have been busy ordering furniture, fabric, wallpaper and fabby accessories.
I used to love designing show homes, I miss it so much, it feels like such a long time ago, think I need to get my confidence a little but when I presented to the client, my passion took over and in the words of hubby I was on fire!!!
Here is our new Logo

And we have a fab new business card

The black is all black with a white chandelier.....

So this is why I have a reason...or an why my craft room has not quite gone to plan, here are some progress pictures...I really loved sorting out the paper, I used the clear plastic trays put them into 4 colour families and put 2 colours per tray, I love the Stampin Up colour families, they have been put together so perfectly, sorting them out just confirmed my love for all the Stampin Up crafty goodies....I have added some Ikea baskets to my punch rails and have donated a load of ribbon to allow room for my S.U. ribbons, I couldn't get rid of all my non SU ribbons but it was a start....

I have 2 new tables and have made up 12 stools for round the table!! so Ive still got plans!!
I will still fit my Stampin addiction into my life and I still have bag orders coming in.
here are a few pic ...


  1. Good luck with your new venture Jane, your logo is v. classy. Hoping lots of business comes your way.

  2. Fantastic news - I thought you had been quiet - lol

  3. Oh Jane that is fabulous news...congratulations !!


  4. Congratulations Jane - I'm so happy for you. Good luck with your new venture - I'm sure you'll do well. Hope to see you at Michelle's Bicester training some time. love, Gill x