Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Its been a while!!!

So sorry Ive been busy designing a showhome with my new business partner, we install om Monday and should be out by Friday, so excited to show you, feel like Ive come to life again, doing what I love and loving what I do....sound familiar?..
Here is one of 2 amazing chairs for the main bedroom....
lush black velvet with chrome studs...

And this is the most amazing pearlised bedroom chair.....scrummy......all from Cheshire Design Interiors!!

I am still crafting of course, love this wallet from a tutorial by Monica Gale and a matching card, love being crafty this is my release....

more embossing, love this strange but fab mix of colours.

Somehow I have managed to fit in some bag orders, here is one just before it was sent out. Love this colour, nice and subtle, very popular. I hope to have a new colour soon a gorge deep denim blue.......

matching purses for the bag order.

For those who know her, we have been trying to get help for Lady C , its been a long road with lots of blunders..(not our fault) but we think we are getting somewhere at last, she will soon be getting 10 hours a week extra help.....she needs more but its a start!!
Thanks for reading


  1. Welcome back Jane, lovely to see your latest creations and luxurious chairs.

  2. Thanks Fiona hope you are well xxxxx