Monday, 15 December 2014

The most amazing rescue dog....

This is Nix she is our amazing rescue dog, when I accidently brought her home without my husband you do....he didn't expect to find a 'fitting' and shaking dog in the kitchen, she fitted every day 4am for weeks and weeks, we decided to try to not medicate and eventually the fits became less and less...,
I forgot to mention they wouldn't let me pay any money for her at the dogs home because they said they may have to put her to sleep......they didn't need to say anything else, she was then ours!

When I bathed the dark brown flea ridden fur the most beautiful dog appeared and although as she had been so badly treated she couldn't look us in the eye as she was full of fear , you can help but love this little girl......

she was around 18 months when we brought her home, she hasn't had a fit for years and is very very special and is now 14.
Nix loves to run around and her big non malignant tumours don't stop hear leaping around and bolting out of the door at any opportunity, today was that day....the day when a disapproving neighbour knocks on the door to say she needs a tag you know!!!! red faced I took the very muddy girl back into the house and after a treat she was fine but suddenly, hours later she had begun to limp, very badly, she cant get on the sofa without help and seems very in the 'wars'....I hate going to the vet, after my other dog Harvey's problems I just don't want to know....(will save that for another post..
I hope you will wish me luck I think a visit is in order...LOVE THIS DOG!

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