Tuesday, 11 May 2010


I am guilty as charged,I had a deadline and managed to keep it well out of my reach...
Life kind of get in the way doesn't it? I am still trying hard to get things sorted and I think even through it is slow it is working out for the better.

It would be easy to make it look 'nice' but I need more than 'nice' I need a good practical workspace NOT something that looks good but no use.

So, as I a finishing jobs and designing little new products I am planning little areas and here is the latest

This is my ironing station, it is next to my industrial machine and it is on top of a set or drawers that I LOVE, I have all my sewing patterns it it, zips, needles, threads, I only have to wheel a little left on my cow print chair to get to it!
I was lucky to have 2 helpers who insisted on being in the picture..introducing Harvey and Nix LOOOOOOOOOOVE em..
Anyway I use the table of the sewing machine as a little work area too, when I bought it second hand it had an extra wide table, not sure what the previous owner did with it but the table is great
Thought you may want a loot at the top of the ironing table too, this ironing mat is great you can take it anywhere and it protects any surface SUPER DUPER

hope you like
Speak soon

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