Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Just wanted to share...

Lady C my youngest , if you read my blog you will know the ups and down we have.....

This morning in the car she had a big smile on her face, I said "why are you so happy today?"
She replied
"I am always happy now I have a mummy like you..."

How amazing is that!!
Just wanted to share.


  1. Just perfect! What a beautiful start to the day.

  2. Beautiful, it just takes time. xx

  3. aww that's beautiful Jane ... I can only imagine how good you felt to hear it xxx

  4. Thanks so much, unfortunately she ruined it today she got so mad she shouted "you are not my real Mum"

    cut like a knife.....
    hey ho , thats the journey of adoption...

  5. I bet there is many a birth child shouts that too!! Ups and Downs - just hold tight to the nice ones like all of us :-)