Friday, 4 March 2011

Leeds Leeds Leeds!!

Getting excited now, Im off to Leeds in the morning to our Stampin Up regional training day. It great to be with 70 like minded people.
It is tradition to make swaps to take with you, I decided to make 60, I love this part of the day as we come back with lots of other peoples swaps, have a great day of crafting business training, chatting and generally escaping from everyday life!

I have just had to re-glued 30 of my 52 swaps....I made 60 but found 8 empty wrappers in Lady 'c''s bedroom!! and no she isnt a toddler shes 8 1/2!!!!

it has a little chocky inside, the orange ones have an orange chocky and the blue have a silver chocky!

Also made a couple of dog beds, think they like them.....

been a busy girl!

will let you know all about it ..


  1. Have a great day Jane...looking forward to hearing all about it!

    Your swaps look very yummy indeed!

  2. My daughter would do the same. She is almost 8 years old.