Monday, 29 August 2011

Im nearly back of freebee time!

hi folks, I will be back on Wednesday, Ive had a long few weeks thinking of EVERYTHING I would like to do with my Stamping, Bag making and Interior design.....

Lots of plans...

room to be finished...
so to start things off

I am giving away an aqua spotty bag and one of my rings, I cant post a picture but will do when I get back from sunny Crete!


  1. Hope you're having a great holiday - looking forward to seeing the next installment of the finished room :O)

  2. Looking forward to seeing what exciting things you have been thinking up and how your room will look when finished!
    Jenni x

  3. Even though I don't know you outside of the this blog I thought of you this weekend when I seen a woman dressed beautifully and was wearing a ring similar to what you make. Maybe it was one of yours!

  4. Love your spotty bags! I'd be thrilled to win!

  5. love your bags and rings looking forward to seeing the finished room