Friday, 12 August 2011

OK this is the start.......

I had to paint the wall and put the rails and the shelf up myself!
The shelf is going to be for fabby samples, when I make them.

There are 3 clock, a bit posey but I used to be a clothing buyer so used to needing to know what time it is in different countries...
Ok the ribbon storage is not new but some of you may not have seen it, I love it!

Ok I love this bit, I have use sticky velcro to attach the glue guns so they just pop back in place when I am not suing them, ribbon scissors are hanging on a little screw. My crop o dile also has a little space of its own!

This room is our garage, I am very lucky because it is a double garage and a few years ago I had a window put in it so I have loads of natural light. The garage doors (a redundancy prezzie from me to me) open out so in the summer its amazing.

I hope you like this so far...


  1. GREAT progress! Now keep at it! (Who needs sleep, eh?)

  2. You did it! Congratulations! Thank you for inspiring me on.

  3. Fantastic!!!!! OMG it looks so different!!!

    When do you start the classes etc?

    Are you up to anything crafty today?

    S xxx

  4. i am far froM finished, lots more to do but its a start!!

    classes commencing soon!!!

  5. Wow Jane, missed this post - well done you've made a great start :O)

    Love that you've created wall space for your important tools :O)