Friday, 12 August 2011


Some may know I am terrible at organizing....I get so far then give up, I covert everyone Else's crafty space, I drool over how amazing OTHER peoples rooms are.

I love the following magazine:

There is nothing better than a nice hot bath and a crafty storage magazine.
Here lies the problem...I love to look, read and dream about having a lovely space but actually putting it into practice is a totally different thing..

I have set myself a 5 day challenge and as the days have past I have realised it will take a LOT longer.
OK I am very very lucky to have a big space but if it was just a Satmpin up room it would be an easy job but I have a workshop that covers a number of crafts, the biggest being sewing....this is my business, my spotty bags have gone down so well I have actually run out! I am planning some more styles and colours for after the holidays.So for this I have 2 domestic sewing machines and a massive industrial machine and of course tons and tons of fabric, trimmings,lining and interlining.

I am also an Interior Designer so need to put designs boards together and have a drawing board and drawing equipment and A1 card, mount board and paper!

This is closely followed but felt making, machine embroidery and anything else I can squash into my time...

so to shame myself into action here are a couple of 'before'pictures......

I blush....

wish me luck!!

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