Sunday, 6 May 2012

Insurance? and the point is.....

A few weeks ago my beloved camera was stolen, with the memory inside (which is the saddest part) I have been really lost with out it so decided to claim on my insurance. 
stage one
Phone the police....long long chat on the phone.
stage two
phone the insurance company.
who are we insured with hubby?
don't I called Zurich...not us!, called LV...not us! Called Direct line...not us!....
after being passed from pillar to post hubby came home and found the docs (which were from Direct line!..) I called to get a claim form for my £400 camera...
After all this it turns out the excess is £200, the camera has de-valued to £249 so they were going to give me £49 and raise my premium by 10%....!!!!!! WHAT?

Hubby decided to cheer me up to buy me one , for work, really not in the budget at the moment AT ALL but I do NEED it...  
Here it is , it arrived on Sat....AMAZING...cant use it yet of course but lovin it...
Here is one of my first shots , This is my garden today, the chicks chillaxin.....who needs Spain?


  1. Wot !!! No rain ?? Sorry to hear about your camera trauma but pleased to hear your lovely hubby treated you.

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  3. Cant beleive it either...they actually had a water fight first then sunbathing and snacks!