Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Did you watch it?? my claim to fame!!!???

I hope you were all glued to Create and Craft on Sat, it was on twice in the day, it was my Mums birthday she was 81!! cant believe it she doesn't look it, she would kill me for telling people...we have actually decided that she is 79 this year we are going backwards...
Create and craft, did you see my little project? We were all screaming at the television!!, I know to some it is a little thing but to me WWWWWWWWWWWOOOWWWWWWW
Ok Ok I will calm down......

Its so nice to get some appreciation, not sure if its an Aquarius thing.

My craft day was so good , so nice, so I am still on a high!

The next really exciting thing I cant tell you yet but I hope that I can spill the beans soon..

So sorry,I did think it would go on a while....I don't disappoint.. I am in there all night tonight, I an designing some storage containers for it....watch this space, think they will look good.....
hope you like them, I plan to sell them too!


  1. it was fab hon... it's a nice feeling when your hard work begins to get recognised. You should be proud of yourself. x

  2. I was just browsing some of the blogs of Michelle's team (I'm thinking of becoming a demonstrator, I spoke to Michelle earlier today), I came across your profile and was having a look through and I recognised the make-up bag from C&C before I'd read about you having designed it.
    It's a gorgeous little bag, I love Kirsty's CD's and your bag was a great example of how to do something different with them.

  3. Aw hun - I TOTALLY forgot to Sky+ it :-( GUTTED :-( Have you got it on Sky+ / DVD or anything we could have a 'girlie sesh' watching it!!!

    Where is the link to pictures/website that the post above (Sharon) is referencing?

    I've seen the real article so feel ULTRA special :-)

    Love S

  4. hi there Sharon,
    thanks so much for your comment, I loved making the bag because I wanted to surprise Kirsty with something different. I love sewing sooo much, I love papercraft too of course but I have sewn for eeeeeeeeeeever!
    As always thanks Chris and Sarah not sure what you mean hun??