Friday, 27 August 2010

Thanks everyone!

Thanks so much for all the orders, I will get started this weekend.

I have had a good week and bad , I installed an Interior Design Job that has been delayed because the fabric was stuck in customs but on Thurs night we installed. I take my Interior Design very seriously and always feel it need to be 'just right' well It was fab, lots of silk, Designers Guild fabrics, a buffet of Pink and green and choc...ooooooooooooooooow lovely, felt really proud.

My lovely Harvey (8 yr old Cocker) is not well, he is my little boy my substitute baby , he has been poorly before but think its come back...he can walk but cant walk up of down the stairs he just cries....its breaking my heart, keep thinking he will get better but think we need to go and throw money at the Vet tomorrow (they really should have soooo much money) it costs £50 to walk through the door, the last time it was £500 and the Insurance only paid out £300...
Anyway, my boy is sooo special I would sell ANYTHING if I needed money to make him better... I will keep you posted.

After hubbys car setting on fire and the engine blowing up after Lady K dropping my Blackberry in the bath and hubby standing on his Iphone its been a very expensive month....dont call me unlucky..

Hubby went out tonight, he was drinking Champagne and eating tapas...I am at home with the kids 2 dogs (1 poorly) and a mad kitten so I treated myself to some scrummy but health food. I was unloading the car in my bare feet dropped the flaked poached salmon on the drive, stood on it (remember I have bare feet) it squished through my toes-great, so I put the squwished salmon in a dish for the kitten and was left with nothing.Hubby arrived at 1am with a lovely hunter warrior style kebab which I caught him feeding the kitten, not his best move, he loves to tell me how much he loves me (a good indication of just how drunk he is..) then passes out on the sofa, tonight he even threatened to put the heating on! this was a shock because he is like the bloke from the royal family, if he goes out the fire goes worries about me still sitting here!
Its 2.13am and he lasted about 11Min's before he passed out after putting our marathon episodes of come dine with me on, I'm not sure if Harvey or Stuart is snoring the loudest. Its not chucking it down outside so I'm off to bed, shall I wake him?


  1. oh poor boy.. I hope he gets well soon.. we have a cocker too and two springers.. so I'm with you on the baby bit.. lol.

    Much hugs to all of you. xx

  2. Thanks Jo, he seems to be getting better but had a 'fit' on Monday night, I was sooooo upset but he seems better now the vet says it may never happen again we have to keep out eye on him

    Love Springers too!