Friday, 8 October 2010

I dont want to be French I need to be France!

This is my sweet little Lady 'C' she has more going on in the little head of hers than most of us have in a lifetime......I love her to bits, good and bad...
It was 8am and she said she had to go to school as 'France' so sorry for the very rough sewing I ran to the sewing room and made her a nice red beret, she put it on and loved it , I had already made a sample of a little 'kind of' French maids pinny so she put that on as well.

Ohhhh, I said you look so French! to which she replied, MUM!!! I need to be France not French!!

Bless her little cotton socks
She is on a new program at school and for a whole week she has been amazing so tonight we are going out, just the two of us. Lady 'K' is on a sleepover, and of course Dad will be in the Pub (its law on a Friday..girls night in so Dad HAS to go out..)

OK I'm off to do some sorting in the new SU room....while watching for my SU delivery of course!

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