Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sometimes I forget...

I like to think of myself as a 'proper' mum, in fact I AM a 'proper' mum!!
Somestimes I forget what Im dealing with...what can bring back a memory...a simple comment..."you are in so much trouble for dong that".....

I didnt know, after saying this ,Lady 'C' trembled in her bed for an hour waiting....just waiting for her punishment...How was I to know? I would NEVER hurt her but even after 4 whole years she thought I was going to...

How do I feel?
You cant imagine.....


  1. Jane - don't be too harsh on yourself. We don't get Mummy manuals when we become a Mum. Thinking of ya chicky xxxxxxx

  2. I agree with Carole Jane, if I counted the times I have said things like that to my children over the last 22 years I would have a long list! Your little girls are fragile, and they will be for a very long time, you are being a wonderful mother to them.

    take care